Partisanship, Who Needs It?

Partisanship, Who Needs It?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Michele Malkin Fearmongerer

From the New York Post Michelle Malking doing what she is know for read here.


Eight years ago, at the Clinton administration's behest, this nation welcomed refugees escaping a genocidal regime whose military spread fear and brutalized its people. Eight years later, we have a homegrown jihad plot targeting a base that symbolizes the best, the brightest and the most compassionate our military has to offer.

I invite Malkin to show a connection between these refugees and the terrorist suspects of Ft. Dix. other than the fact that they are of the same racial mix. She should show where these despicable men were admited under the government program, or how they were given these kindnesses and betrayed our trust.

There is one problem however, she can't because these are illegal aliens who were not part of that program. She tries to point the finger and say that no matter what kindnesses we do for these people they are likely to stab us in the back and ties the tens of thousands of refugees who legally arrived here due to the kindness of the American people in with terrorist. Its simply balderdash and inflamatory fear mongering propaganda from Malkin. I wonder what she would have done during World War II when people looked at her Asian ancestory and wondered if she were a sabeteur, because she sure sounds like the people who condoned the Japanese American internment camps with this piece of propaganda.

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Stumpy said...

Don't you see? Clinton did it.

Same 'ol garbage.