Partisanship, Who Needs It?

Partisanship, Who Needs It?

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Dirty Dozen

I put up a Roll of Honor earlier to recognize good service, so I figured I'd put up a Dishonor Roll to be its companion. The Roll of Dishonor will focus on those currently serving politicians and officials who really need to go. Since there are so many I decided to only include the top 12. The President and Vice President are exculded from consideration as they were elected by the entire nation.

Roll of Dishonor.

David S. Addington
Kathleen Blanco
Alberto Gonzales
Alcee Hastings
James Inhofe
William Jefferson
Jerry Lewis
Alan Mollohan
Hal Rogers
James Sensenbrenner
Bill Young
Don Young

If you don't know why you should want these people out of office, I wont bother to explain. Just do your own research and come to your own conclusions. You might not agree with all of them, but chances are you will agree with most and want to see at least a couple in jail.

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